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With any level of devastation, we recognize the need for immediacy, efficiency, and compassion.

It’s important for our clients to know exactly what we are doing. We will explain each detail of the insurance, mitigation, and reconstruction processes from start to finish. Our priority is to treat each and every client with compassion and professionalism throughout the restoration process. We know that devastation to property can emotionally devastating as well. It’s our job to make your property like new again and to do so with complete care.

We Have The Experience Needed

It’s critical to hire and partner with a company that has the experience, personnel, training, equipment and financial capability to handle the complexities of a large loss insurance restoration project. Restore-One has over two decades of experience with large loss insurance claims including hotels, multi-family dwellings, medical facilities, retail complexes, and industrial and commercial buildings. Our experience equates to operational excellence and the ability to assess and restore your property to pre-loss condition quickly and professionally.


  • Option 1: Have Restore-One perform the mitigation services only.
  • Option 2: Have Restore-One perform mitigation and reconstruction services from start to finish.
  • Option 3: Have Restore-One perform the initial mitigation services, see how we perform, then if you are happy with our performance, have Restore-One perform the reconstruction services to completion.

A Variety Options:

There are two phases in restoring your property after damage has occurred: Mitigation and Reconstruction.

Restore-One understands that choosing a partner in restoration is a critical decision. For this reason, we hope to provide you with complete confidence in our services by offering you simple options in Mitigation and Reconstruction, ensuring that you stay control of your property at all times:


We Work Smart and You Benefit

Our single page “Work Authorization” simplifies our entire process. Restore-One works in conjunction with your insurance carrier, adjusters, and consultants to determine an accurate scope of work and project cost. Restore-One works only for the insurance proceeds collected and paid to you from your insurance carrier, for work that has been completed by Restore-One. The customer is only responsible for paying its deductible as outlined within its insurance policy. Lastly, Restore-One agrees to collect compensation from you only after you have received the insurance proceeds and the proceeds have cleared your bank.

We Are Qualified

Mitigation Service

In our 25+ years experience, Restore-One has worked to respond to nearly all types of structural damages resulting from natural disasters. An immediate response to an emergency is critical in preventing further damage to your property and minimizing personal or financial losses.

Restore-One’s team of mitigation experts is intimately familiar with every aspect of the process. With our extensive network of proven local and national specialty subcontractors, Restore-One is prepared to act at a moment’s notice to start the mitigation process and perform needed temporary repairs to secure damaged roofs, windows, doors and structures.

Estimating Services

Restore-One has worked directly with the nation’s leading insurance carriers, adjusters and building consultants in preparing fair and accurate scope of work estimates after disaster strikes. Our team of professional estimators consists of former adjusters, construction managers, building consultants and insurance executives with decades of extensive training and field experience. Having a broad array of estimating experts gives our clients peace of mind knowing that the scope of work estimate prepared by Restore-One will be thoroughly documented and accurately priced, all within current insurance industry standard guidelines.

Reconstruction Services

As a nationwide licensed general contractor, Restore-One offers full service turn-key general contracting as well as consulting and construction project management services. Reconstruction after a natural disaster takes a different level of understanding, patience and experience than normal general reconstruction or even new construction. Although many general contractors may have the knowledge and experience to repair your damaged property, most do not have the knowledge or experience to provide the necessary documentation, properly write an insurance scope of work estimate or even understand how the insurance process works. These short falls could potentially leave you with extensive out of pocket cost to complete the reconstruction of your property. You can be assured that when partnering with Restore-One, our team of experts will walk you through this process step by step.