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Rapid Response


Are You Prepared? You can be. With our Rapid Response Program.

Rapid Response was developed to guarantee that your business is up and running safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency. An emergency situation can be rife with health and safety hazards for family and employees. A lack of a comprehensive emergency can cause you tremendous stress and difficulty. Restore-One has a plan for any emergency, and with our Rapid Response Program, we can save you time, resources, and grief.

How you’ll benefit when you become a member of our Rapid Response Program.

As a member of Restore-One’s Rapid Response Program, you will benefit from having a close relationship with our company, our expertise, and our resources. Our dedicated representatives can provide you with safety and hazard information long before disaster strikes, helping you to stay prepared and possibly prevent potential damages.

Our representatives will even provide you with preliminary assessments of your home or property. Consider a relationship with Restore-One to be another resource at your disposal, and be prepared for the emergency before it happens.

  • No Cost
  • Immediate on site response upon authorization and accessibility
  • Priority Standing on the Rapid Response List
  • No cost post-storm assessment of your property
  • Guaranteed access to Restore-One equipment and manpower
  • Restore-One 24-hour emergency contact card with personalized member number