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Hurricane Readiness: Prepare for the Storm

Hurricanes can cause devastation to all structures in their paths. While modern weather tracking can provide significant warning of a coming storm, it is imperative to take measures to protect your loved ones and your home or business before disaster strikes.

Be Prepared

The moments leading up to a hurricane event can be disorganized and hectic. We recommend maintaining Emergency Kits in the home or office with enough supplies to support the entire family or staff for up to 72 hours. Our kit contains these items: food & water (Canned goods, nonperishables, high energy foods, vitamins), radio, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, garbage bags, plastic ties, can opener, wrench or pliers, blankets, matches, prescription medications for those with medical needs.

Have a Plan

It is vitally important to have a plan at work, in the home, and for speedy evacuation. If in the home or office, make sure that everyone involved knows where to take shelter if the storm becomes violent. During an evacuation, keep a list of necessary supplies and arrange plans for shelter ahead of time.


After the storm has calmed, damage to the community and to the home or workplace may be substantial. Restore-One will always be available to you and to the community to help to rebuild and restore what was lost.